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Belkin Brands

magnifier Belkin WeMo Switch Smart Device Controlled Plug By RobertDyas

Product Description

Category: Home Security / Brand: Belkin

Want your heater on ready for when you get home Or the lamps to come on when you're away for the night The clever Wemo switch connects with your Android or iOS device through a free app so you can switch on electric appliances from the sofa, office or anywhere else you can get an internet connection. The app lets you set schedules for certain times of day and can be configured to control multiple Wemo switches at once, so it's great for controlli...view-more

magnifier Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Enabled Insight Energy Use Monitor By RobertDyas

Product Description

Category: Home Security / Brand: Belkin

With this WeMo energy use monitor, you can turn your appliances on and off from wherever you are. You can also programme customized notifications and change device status, so you have all information you need to suit you and your home. The way it works is simple: it just connects to your Wi-Fi network - no hub required. This nifty device can monitor your electronics and will send information about their energy usage straight to your smartphone or...view-more

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