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magnifier Weiser Beverly Passage Door Knobset By LocksOnline

Product Description

Category: Home Security / Brand: WEISER

The Weiser Beverly passage set is suitable for internal doors and as it is a non-locking knob set. This Weiser is in an American Weiser style format and allows you to open from both sides with out keys.OperationReversible latchbolt is withdrawn by knob fromeither side.Both knobs always free.Additional Info

magnifier Weiser Beverly Fixed Dummy Door Knobs By LocksOnline

Product Description

Category: Home Security / Brand: WEISER

Weiser Beverly Dummy Trims have no latches or locking function. Weiser Beverly Dummy are simply there to serve the aesthetics of the door they have no functionality. OperationNA12 - Single knob fixed with 2 woodscrews NA17 - Single knob bolt through fixings NA18 - Pair of knobs bolt through back to back fixing ..

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