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Wiz Connected Brands

magnifier WIZ CONNECTED Protect Outdoor Siren - Orange & White, Orange By CurrysPCWorld

Product Description

Category: Home Security / Brand: Wiz Connected

Mount the Somfy Protect Outdoor Siren in a hard-to-reach place outside your property and connect it to a Link or Somfy One Alarm System (sold separately). If suspicious activity is detected, the siren emits a loud 112 dB alarm and starts flashing. And when you're arming or disarming the siren, it flashes and beeps to confirm the action.

magnifier WIZ CONNECTED Movement Detector for Large Pets - White, White By CurrysPCWorld

Product Description

Category: Home Security / Brand: Wiz Connected

Make sure your dog doesn't set off your home security alarm with the Somfy Movement Detector for Large Pets.Suitable for use with pets larger than 40 cm, the detector has a body-heat sensor that can distinguish between large pets and humans.Battery-powered and wire-free, the Somfy Movement Detector is easy to install, and comes with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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